Throughout history, in all regions of the world, there have been tales of masters who possess extraordinary superhuman powers - powers so great that the knowledge of how to attain them has been closely guarded for centuries. Books have been written about them… movies have been made about them... magicians have imitated them… Today they are still living among us, and in 2016 they are breaking their silence to reveal how you can access your own innate powers.

Superhuman is a feature-length cinematic experience being produced by some of the film industry’s finest talent and has been financed independent of any studios, networks or governing bodies. This affords the filmmakers the creative freedom to deliver the teachings of the masters with full integrity and power. 

Superhuman is currently in pre-production and will be in production throughout 2016 into early 2017.

For further information please contact the producers at or you can register for free updates here.